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jarburnette: Hi friends
15-Jun-2017 22:35:04
CaverScott: CITO in OMSP on Satuday followed by a nearby Meet and Greet for Dinner
21-Apr-2014 18:58:49
wheresdib: Saturday will be a good day for events, starting with the Apples and Pancakes in Fultondale and moving to the Makers Madness in Woodlawn. Can't wait!
27-Mar-2014 15:52:11
TheAlabamaRambler: 16 new members today. Welcome all!
24-Mar-2014 06:38:17
TheAlabamaRambler: It still is, Ash... post it and they will come!
10-Mar-2014 13:18:25
dittydaddy: I had an email about the Buddy Cache and deleted it on accident. if you will resend I will respond.
01-Mar-2014 04:17:38
AshMcCloud: I hate that because it used to be neat too talk to people on here.
28-Jan-2014 19:35:09
TheAlabamaRambler: Yep, looks like everyone has moved on. I will keep it running for another year, if no one is using it I will archive it.
21-Jan-2014 17:52:01
wheresdib: echooooooooooooo
13-Jan-2014 21:42:35
TheAlabamaRambler: It's been months since someone had more than a single post to say. Cat got y'alls tongue, or fingers as the case may be?
12-Dec-2013 23:54:36
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